Dunlop Hyperfibre Precision Pro 130 Racket


Product description

The Dunlop Precision Pro 130 squash racket weighs 130 grams with a head light feel which allows for greater reations and speed in the swing. The 490sqcm head size along with the 16×18 string pattern allows for maximum power and control.

The Precision series has been developed to offer excellent racket head stability and enhanced comfort. Hyperfibre+ fibres at 9 and 3 o’clock positions for perfect torsional stability and control
Precision, Control & Feel. Hyperfibre+ ballistic (multi directional woven) fibres are incorporated into different areas of the frame to maximise performance. Enhances the torsional stability of the racket on off centre impacts effectively increasing the precision and control.

– Frame weight : 130 grams
– Balance: Head-light
– Head Size : 470 sq cm
– Stringing pattern: 14 x 18

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